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Grape harvest

Our grape harvest is done manually with a traditional team (we have very little to maintain this tradition, most opting for jobbers and service providers).

Our pickers, who mostly come for decades, eat and sleep in our offices and for the duration of the grape harvest.

The grape harvest is the result of a year of work and it is a period which must reconcile the rigor (especially in the sort of harvest) and the party.

Introducing location

Family estate for generations, we are located in the Marne valley a few kilometers from Epernay, in the charming village of Venteuil.

A hilside, ideally facing south, Venteuil is characterized by clay-limestone soil.

Although originally pinot meunier were alone, today the three grape varieties from Champagne are represented there.

Our Maison cultivates 10 hectares spread over several towns in the Marne Valley.

Our area overlooks this beautiful valley and our location will make you discover beautiful landscapes whatever the season.
We believe that we must respect the earth so we used technics called reasoned wine growing for several years. It results in a non-systematic use of treatments: these are applied only when needed and depending on the weather.

For exemple, we have removed the use of insecticides and miticides.
Our fertilizers are organic and only used in organic farming.

We are grape harvesters, which means that the grapes from our vineyards are harvested and vinified by us.


We pay a special attention to the quality of our juice pressing.

Each load of the press, the grapes are carefully examined to ensure the best juice.


Thierry is very attentive to his winemaking method.

He did not practice malolactic fermentation to maintain a good balance of natural grape acids and a good aromatic expression.


Our selection

Brut tradition

Léger et équilibré, ce Champagne est issu de l’Assemblage de 20% Chardonnay, 40 % Pinot Noir et 40 % Pinot Meunier.

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Brut rosé

Nous élaborons notre coteaux champenois rouge à partir de nos vieilles vignes 100% Pinot noir

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Brut nature

Assemblage : 100% pinot noir
Vinification : issus de nos meilleurs millésimes, sans fermentation Malolactique

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